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lend me some sugar

i am your neighbor

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nature is a language, can't you read?

mew, rasputina, kent, patrick wolf, tom waits, placebo, dresden dolls, tori amos, leonard cohen, indochine, devendra banhart, the cure, seabear, the smiths, siouxsie & the banshees, joy division, radiohead, bauhaus, neutral milk hotel, syd barrett, piano magic, sigur ros

tea-parties, gay gay gay, deer, ghosts, sculpting & scribbling, pink & orange skies, reading, carnivals, victorian fashion, unicorns, fairy-tales, concertinas, surrealism, spiral staircases, playgrounds, thrift stores, clouds, mixtapes, animals

I am 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 years old. vegetarian. thoroughly confused. indecisive. green-eyed. an art school student. unsure. pale. unruly hair. runaway imagination.

7-eleven coffee goodness, accents, adam's apples, alice in wonderland, androgyny, arthur rackham, arthur rimbaud, benny & joon, bird language, black books, boys who love animals, boys with bunnies, chasing sunrise&sunsets, concerts with sarah, cute winter clothing, dandy poets, david bowie, deer, deer & unicorn, donnie darko, drawing blood, echo, edward scissorhands, eleven-eleven pm, fake?, fictional psychopaths, floppy stuffed animals, francesca lia block, ghostly singing voices, gloomy bear, goatbed, halloween decorations everyday, hans christian andersen, having disheveled hair, heatherette, hedwig, how-things-used-to-be, indochine, jarcanda and kudzu everywhere, jeff buckley, junko mizuno, kent, kind-of crooked teeth, la science des rêves, lazy eyes, le fabuleux destin d'amélie, les licornes ♥, lost fish, marching-animals-playing-instruments, masanobu ando, mew, mew ♪, monsieur depp, morrissey's glasses, my metaphorical penis, my own private idaho, mylène farmer, märchen, neil gaiman, neutral milk hotel, new-york-city-in-autumn, nicola sirkis, noel fucking fielding, noir désir, nookicky, optional music for voice&piano, oscar wilde, paradise kiss, patrick wolf, piano magic, pink-orange-yellow-skies, placebo, poppy z. brite, rachu, radiohead, rasputina, reading, river phoenix, rocky horror picture show, ruby port wine, sex drugs & dandies, sickly vulnerable boys, siouxsie & the banshees, spiritual boner, summer bliss, sunday tea-parties, swamp_foetus, tamagotchis, the cure, the dreamers, the dresden dolls, the little prince, the lullaby factory, the romanov dynasty, the unicorns, the-way-devendra-banhart-says-"peter-pan", thumbsucker, tim burton, torchwood / touchwood, tori amos, trainspotting, txt msgs from brie, umbrellas, vampires, velvet goldmine, visible veins, weird pterodactyl orgasm noises, withnail & i, yami no matsuei, zull&full,